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I’m Anna, a UX Researcher and Designer with an enthusiastic commitment to lifelong learning.

I lead with genuine curiosity and empathy throughout the design process to create data-driven, intuitive, and beautiful experiences that serve to better the world we live in - or at the very least, make things a little more fun.



I'm Anna, a UX Researcher & Designer born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, now calling Denver, Colorado home. My design ethos thrives on collaborative and creative problem-solving. I'm fueled by a genuine curiosity that drives me to challenge assumptions and delve deeper into problem spaces. Building rapport with users is my forte, allowing me to glean actionable insights through trust. My aim is always intentional, keeping communication succinct and purposeful whether collaborating cross-functionally or interfacing with clients.

With over a decade of marketing experience in entertainment, I have an excellent understanding of branding, visual design and storytelling. My background in event and crew management has fine-tuned my ability to practice empathy in everyday interactions. While I excel independently with efficiency and proactivity, I also bring reliability, flexibility, organization, and and a touch of levity to any team setting.

In my non-professional life, I am most happy when traveling and making memories around a table full of food. This is rivaled only by my borderline obsession with my dog. Together, we enjoy hiking and the occasional nap. I am a big believer in self-care in the form of time outdoors, meditation, and motorcycle rides.


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"Anna demonstrates a remarkable ability to bring thoughtful questions, generate innovative ideas, and build a strong rapport with participants. Anna asks thought-provoking questions that challenge the status quo and encourage deeper exploration of concepts. Her insightful inquiries often uncovered new perspectives and opened up avenues of discussion that led to creative solutions. One of Anna’s standout qualities is her exceptional rapport-building skills. She possesses a natural ability to connect with participants and build strong relationships based on trust and respect."
"Anna and I worked on the UX Research team with Safe Place International and Tech Fleet. She was an invaluable part of our team. Not only was she effective at engaging users for insights but she was very personable as well, ensuring interviewees felt at ease. She had a mind focused on the big picture and always made sure insights or recommendations were useful and relevant to our project’s goals. She would be a great addition to any team!"
"Anna proved herself to be a dedicated and passionate contributor who brought a lot of insights and ideas to the table. She is a thoughtful and thorough researcher. I also appreciated Anna’s flexibility when plans didn’t unfold as we anticipated, as well as her ability to see things as objectively as possible."
"Anna is a brilliant researcher and writer! Watching her user interviews inspired my own. I observed how she created a safe and inviting space for participants to express themselves fully. She was essential to the success of our project. Her intuitive, empathic, and analytical input transformed our deliverables (client demos, reports, affinity maps) time and time again. Anna is an excellent UX researcher and her presence would benefit any team of her choosing."

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